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28th January 2013

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Jensen Ackles  - Eye of the Tiger

Jared: We have Phil directing an episode, and Phil’s one of our directors that kinda let us have fun—improv a little bit, play around—and so the scene is I walk up with donuts and bang on the car and catch him kind of amping himself up, so they had this big shot set up, and they were like “And roll cameras, roll sound, and action!”. And I just kinda stood there, I was like, “I’m not going in, I wanna see what he does”, so I guess he didn’t have any idea, coz I didn’t tell anybody. so even Johnny, our first AD, was like, “Hey, hey, cue!” and I was like, “I know, I know, that’s fine”

Jensen: So I’m sitting there in the front seat and hear the play back, the big speaker, and we’re outside. We’ve got extras walking down the street and cars flying by, and this whole thing. We got two cameras set up—which is why it’s edited together so a lot of people were like no way, they had multiple cameras set up, there was just two cameras set up—and so I’m sitting there, doing the drumming and he should have been here by now… something’s going on—why is he not—he should have stopped it—what’s that—well here come the words…the first line is rising up… That’s just too good. And then I just, I went with it, and then you notice maybe as I’m climbing out the car window that I kinda like, I start smiling and I almost started laughing and I turned and I’m like“No, keep going, keep going, you can do this”



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28th January 2013

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28th January 2013

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28th January 2013

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28th January 2013

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28th January 2013

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28th January 2013

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28th January 2013

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if you pull that string one more time, i’m gonna kill you.

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27th January 2013

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Richard Siken

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27th January 2013

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DEAN: What the hell was that?

CASTIEL: An Enochian sigil. It’ll hide you from every angel in creation, including Lucifer.

DEAN: What, did you just brand us with it?

CASTIEL: No. I carved it into your ribs.

Supernatural 5x01 “Sympathy For The Devil”

Supernatural 5x02 Partial Enochian Translation

Once in a blue moon, I decided to do research about Supernatural and spent a whole day for this translation shit because I’m curious of what shit that Castiel had craved on the Winchester boys’ ribs.

I’ve managed to translate most of what is on his ribs according those screencaps.

First and foremost, those screencaps of the x-ray results are backward (like words that we usually saw in the mirror), meaning that I should read and translate from right to left (of course, from my and your POV where we’re reading right in front of our computers). However, after finishing the translation words to words, I believe that the beginning words of the sentence were started from the left side of the rib. Well, starting from the left side of the ribs, clockwise to the end of the right side of the rib. It’s also mean what I got here after the translation weren’t exactly sequence of words that could form sentence, but the first words and the last words. 

Second, I want to inform you beforehand that I’m not an expert in Enochian, nor I have degree or major in Enochian. But I know how to research and apply knowledge. So excuse me  if I got some stuff wrong in translation (or because how fucking blurry the screencaps are that I couldn’t make out the words properly) and notice me that wrongness.

Okay, let’s get messy…

I’m starting at the biggest symbols right in the middle of the screencap, the sternum from top to bottom:




4. image

3 is “The Sigil of Lucifer” used in conjunction with other symbols, its original purpose of the sigil was to aid in a visual invocation of the angel Lucifer. [Source]

1, 2 and 4 are called “The Original Seals of the Watchtowers”. 


On the basis of the Enochian meaning of each continent, the 4 Seals may be associated with the 4 corresponding quaters : (1) Air/East with joy, (2) Fire/South with action, Water/West with discord and (4) Earth/North with power in motion. The sequence is again terrestrial. Water is not dignified because it deals with the sublunar emotions & passions triggering Adam’s fall.


There’re different source to talk about the sequence which the seals were delivered. Though in Supernatural case, I believed that they were delivered in the “Z” pattern, starting in 1 (Air/East) to 2 (Fire/South) and then 4 (Earth/North), and lastly the seal of Water/West. Unless Castiel improvised the basic original seals for his own purpose, you could say that he might replace the seals of Water/West for the Sigil of Lucifer. Though I doubt this theory because the screencaps only show partial of of the brand, so I rather lean forward that Castiel added the “Sigil of Lucifer” together with the 4 original seals that symbolized for “ALL CREATIONS” and of course that includes ALL CREATIONS in HEAVEN (Air) (aka ANGELS), in HELL (Fire) (aka DEMONS), on Earth and under Water

So what were branded on the sternum symbolized for the vision of ALL CREATIONS including THE DEVILS, toward the Winchester boys.

I guess the rest on the ribs are incantations to seal off those visions.

Okay, moving on to the actual Enochian translation:

FYI, letters in square rackets are missing letters that weren’t on the screencap because of the cut-out and I filled in the blank using Enochia dictionary, while letters in parentheses are blurred letters due to the not-HQ that I somehow wasn’t sure whether I did identity the characters right, but I did check the alternatives with the dictionary.

From the left side of the rib, from left to right:

Rib 1: ABRAMG = I prepare / I have prepared

Rib 2: ADGMACH = Much glory ; AF = Nineteen

Rib 3: CNILA = Of blood / Blood ; CONISB(RA) = Work(s) of man

Rib 4: LML = Treasure ; OECRIMI = Sing praises / Singing praises ; OH(I)[O] = Woe

Rib 5: POILP = Divide/ Are divided ; PRAF = Dwell / Dwell in ; PRDZ[AR] = Diminish

Rib 6: PRAP = Balance ; PRGE = With the Fire ; PUGO = As unto

Rib 7: PUIM = Sickles / Sharp ; QAA = Of your creation / Of your garments ; Q = Or / Thy / Content(s) ; T = Also / It / Visit ; QTIN[G] = Rotten

From the right side of the rib, from left to right:

Rib 1: ADOIAN = Face

Rib 2: ADPHANT = Unspeakable ; ADRE = Subservient Angle of Fire Tablet

Rib 3: [PA](R)ACH  = Equal ; APILA = Live / Liveth / Liveth forever

Rib 4: (E)NAY = Lord ; GE IAD = Our Lord and Master

Rib 5: POILP = Divide/ Are divided ; PRAF = Dwell / Dwell in ; PRDZ[AR] = Diminish

Rib 6: [PA](ULA)CARP = Name of an evil spirit ; PELE = He who works wonder

Rib 7: [OMA]GG/[OM]GG = Subservient Angle of Water Tablet or [M]GG = Cacodemon of Water Angel of Earth Tablet ; PAMPH(I)CA(S) = (Meaning unknown: a contemptuous word) (I guess this one is more like a swear-word like “son of a bitch”) or PAMPH(I)CA = Infernal Mother with either (I) = Are/Is/In/Son of Light/Angel or (S) = Fourth/Daughter of Light/Angel ; PIAD = Your God ; PIAMOS = Righteousness, of

IMHO, rib 1 to 4 are the introduction of the prayers, the prays and the vows to God. Rib 5 to 7 is the spell to seal, to hide those who bear the sigil from every angel in creation, including The Devil. In other words, the first half are Castiel’s praise and song of love about the Winchester boys toward Gods, while the later half is his warning to every angel in creation the message, “don’t you dare to fuck with my humans or I’ll smite your assbutt”

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